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#2360 Cadet Corps

Name -        2360 1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish) Royal Canadian Artillery Cadet Corps

Location    Arnprior, ON

Formed       November 8, 1949      Disbanded      Active  

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

unknown (1949-76)


Major A Edward Luxton (pre 1977) Biography


Capt Daniel Spry, SbSTJ (-1979) Biography


Capt Ken Dolman, CD (1979-) Biography






Capt Jason Mawdsley (2004-07) Biography

Capt Muriel Mawdsley (2007-08) Biography

Capt Jo Babin (2008-12) Biography

Captain Rob Dufour (2012 – Present) Biography




Senior Cadets







C/WO Amanda Stewart (2004-05)


C/MWO Jordan Legree (2005-07)


C/MWO Ashley Miller (2007)


C/WO Casey Beckwith (2007-08)


C/MWO Allie Rancourt (2009-10)

C/CWO Braeden White (2010-11) (photo)
C/MWO Josh Baxter (2011) (photo)

C/CWO Broderick Smith (2011-12)


Corps Flag


Corps Home


Nick Smith Centre, Arnprior, ON



History -   

 This Corps was formed 8 Nov 49 and known as Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Cadet Corps. It was sponsored and affiliated with the Cameron Highlandes of Ottawa. affil.: Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, Nov 8, 1949. D Cdts Admin 1126 of 19 June 89 changes sponsor to The Optimiste Club of Canada with the Cameron Highlanders remaining as co-sponsor and also as the affiliated unit. Address change on 9 June 99 from Box 192, Station A to Cartier Square Drill Hall.

As of 2004, 2360 became 2360 1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish) Royal Canadian Artillery Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. Affiliated with 1st Air Defence Regt. (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish) RCA in Pembroke, ON.

possible flocked shoulder flash post WWII


2360 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps has had an interesting life.  Throughout this interesting span, it has kept the same number. It started off in Ottawa on 8 November 1949 , Cameron Highlander’s of Ottawa Cadet Corps.  Its affiliated unit was the Cameron Highlander’s of Ottawa, who have served with distinction through both World Wars.  It paraded at the Cartier Drill Hall, in downtown Ottawa, which is home to the famed Governor General’s Foot Guards as well as their affiliated Cadet Corps. The CH of O also parades out of the Drill Square. 2360 CH of O RC(Army)CC existed from 1949 to 2003, when because of numbers, it was sadly forced to disband after a long, proud run. 


History of 2360 

C/Sgt. Brendon Rath, Battery Sergeant-Major

Thanks to the keen intellect of a certain Captain Jason Mawdsley, 2360 was not fully done yet.  He saw a great opportunity for a fresh start with the youth of Arnprior and surrounding areas.  So in an advertisement in the local paper, youth were given the opportunity to participate in a great program aimed at developing physical fitness, citizenship, and an interest in the Canadian Forces.  2360 CH of O RC(Army)CC became 2360 1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish) Royal Canadian Artillery Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.  In the first few months, the numbers were very impressive.  Nearly 60 youth were put on paper for the Corps.  The only problem was finding leadership at the Cadet level.  Only a handful of youth had any previous Cadet experience, and only 2 had been in the program over a year.  So it was up to a bunch of 15+ year olds to lead a new Cadet Corps, and who had little to no leadership ability…but they did have two things working to their advantage: potential, and great instructors.  The officers and other instructors took these brand new teens and turned them into leaders in a matter of months.  Sadly, numbers within the Corps were very unstable.  Cadets appeared to be a novelty within the community, and many youths didn’t stay for more than a month or so.  But those that did were rewarded with great opportunities.  In April of 2004, members of the Corps traveled to Peterborough to participate in Cadets Caring for Canada Garden Sanctuary Project.  Arnprior Cadets, along with 17 other Corps, were a few of the 900 Sea, Army and Air Cadets from across Eastern Ontario .  The Cadets helped build a therapeutic garden for retired peoples.  Since then, the Cadet Corps has had its ups and downs. 

In its 2nd year, the numbers appeared to dwindle.  The numbers were often extremely low, and the senior Cadets and officers were scrambling to recruit new Cadets.  Near the time of annual parade at the end of the year, numbers came back up to a more comfortable level.  In 2004-2005 year, the Corps participated in many adventure and bushcraft weekends, locally, as well as going as far as Algonquin Park. A great honour was bestowed upon the Corps that year as well. The Corps’ affiliated unit, 1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish) Royal Canadian Artillery, presented 2360 with their artillery cap badge, formally welcoming 2360 as an affiliated Cadet Corps of 1st Air Defence Regiment.  Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel James Bryce inspected the Cadets, and then presented them their official cap badges. There was also a change of command.  The Regimental Sergeant Major that had seen the Corps through its new beginnings moved on, and the reins were left to a young Warrant Officer J Legree.  After having two troops (platoons) on parade, the Corps staff felt it was necessary to combine the two troops, leaving only A Troop. Just before everyone left for camp, the Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital celebrated its 60th anniversary.  As well, the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII was celebrated. A contingent of 2360 was on hand to parade with the Legion veterans, as well as providing flag bearers

In this year, the Corps third year in Arnprior, we have seen many changes.  The Corps has participated in more exercises and projects than ever before.  In the fall of 2005, the Corps participated in a bush exercise, to get the fresh faces used to camping, and to get all the old hands back into the game.  Numbers were up, and the seniors were being relied upon more and more now that they had 2 years under their belts.  In honour of the Year of the Veteran, 2360 participated in an all-night march around Arnprior to commemorate the efforts of those brave men and women who served their country 60 years ago.  They young Cadets started off at the Legion, and then headed off to join the Christmas parade.  After the end of the parade, the Cadets then left for their march.  From 5:30 pm Saturday until about 5:00 am Sunday, the Cadets walked around Arnprior, raising awareness amongst themselves about the sacrifices made by Canadian and Allied soldiers during the World Wars.  Hungry, cold and tired, they retreated back to the Legion for debriefing, which contained pancakes, bacon, and a nice comfy chair.  In February of 2006, 2360 Cadets braved the cold of winter to camp in the woods of Connaught Ranges in Ottawa. The Corps stayed for one night out in the tents, participating in winter survival challenges and snowshoeing exercises. Spirits were high, and food was warm.  Just before March break put the Corps on a weeklong hiatus, the Red Star Cadets and above participated in SCUBA training.  Around 12 Cadets spent 4 hours learning the proper techniques, as well as applying them in the pool at the Nick Smith Centre.  Fun was abundant, and now 12 Cadets are qualified in the Introduction to SCUBA course.


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